Patrick Jones Gallery is proud to present our next exhibition “Catharsis," featuring two artists whose differing styles of expressionism will leave the viewer intrigued to learn more. Curated by Hutton Kalik to highlight how an artist’s interpretation of the same theme can result in dramatically opposing visual representations.


This duo show aims to question your perception of artistic style. "Catharsis" brings together two artists whose work challenges the very definition of 

expressionism. Noah Becker and Emma Carey Baxendale are united by their varying viewpoints of an overarching style of art. Expressionism is a subjective lens of the world by the artist, their own cathartic experience being the finished product. 


The exhibition will focus on abstract expressionism and neo-expressionism. Each artist uses their raw, untapped emotion to tell a story. By releasing these specific emotions with every piece, we are left with visual chapters of experiences the artists have had. No one piece is the same, however, each invokes a similar response in the viewer. The work brings you through the mind of the artist, so anyone can experience as closely as possible what the artist is experiencing when creating.


Noah channels his deep emotions into his paintings and the outcome for him is inevitably positive. For Noah it is all about being grounded, having a judgement-free zone. Free to explore and create. Abstract most often colorful and large format paintings on canvas are one of Noah's trademarks. Becker says he began painting to calm his thoughts, which seemed to collide in a mishmash of themes and textures. On the canvas, he paints the maps of these growing processes. Maps of environments he spends time in, people he meets, and ideas he develops - feelings and experiences of memories, smells, and especially music. 


“My paintings always start with music. When I hear music, I see colours, and I zone out on a canvas with whatever I find around me; chalk, spray paint, acrylic, tape, or markers are the materials I use most frequently. I never know in advance where the process will take me, sometimes it grows into a story and sometimes it remains abstract, but it always starts with sounds. Having my atelier next to my music studio is an interesting process. One influences the other and helps it grow into its next stage.”


Baxendale delves into the expressiveness of color, seeking the connection with ancestral aspects of existence. Her artistic research, first as a teacher and later as an artist, focuses on the dynamics and discovery of the primitive and ancestral, synthesizing the most significant, Abstracting the essence of emotional tonal connection. Immerse yourself into what the most significant thing about existence is to rescue the emotions, connecting them with the deeper determination to show what matters: the strength of life in a changing and diverse environment. She creates in a wide variety of disciplines, from painting to photography, textiles, ceramics, and mixed techniques, among others. Her contribution to expressionism is based on combining space as an artistic element with stroke and color.


The show runs from February 29th through April 15th



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